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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The UK’s first LIVE Inter-Gym Competition, which will test muscular endurance, strength, power and cardiovascular fitness.

    A competition for all! Age 12-60 +, new gym users, regular gym users and for those who call themselves the fittest of them all.

    Get ranked on our LIVE leaderboard by your gym, county and the UK! The official launch of X-TRON Live Training League is coming soon, so get registered today to get your discount PROMO CODE.

    All data entered must be 100% correct in order for you to get the points awarded to you.

    We highly recommend you record your lift when attempting a PR and have your issued X-TRON ID tag within the video. Simply tag us on your social media upload for us to view and verify, so you won’t be called out on your effort by the X-TRON Live community. The staff at X-TRON Live are fitness professionals and will easily be able to spot a cheat!

    Remember you can only make the live event if you come within the top 15 of your age group and you will be expected to be hitting the numbers you’ve recorded on the day. Follow our free videos to ensure you know how an exercise is performed correctly and what will be expected of you in the live event or just to improve your form. CV exercises that are called into question can be proved with a fitness app such as Strava or Garmin Connect and ideally show your heart rate.

    Cheaters will never prosper and will never be accepted by the X-TRON Live community. Anyone caught cheating will face a lifetime ban by X-TRON Live. Be assured that a cheat will never win prize money or be recognised in greatness at the live event. A true cheat will never accept a place at the live event as they know, that’s where they will be caught out. Roll down positions on the live leaderboard will be offered to ensure the true heroes are there on the day.

    X-TRON Live will accept entries from the age of 12 and the younger categories will be broken down into smaller chunks ie 12-13, 14-15 year olds etc. From the age of 19 they will go up in 10 year blocks, 20-29, 30-39 etc, and will also be separated into male and female categories.

    Fitness amongst youngsters is on the rise and we believe it’s important to give young people a chance to showcase their skills, and prove to others that actually, this generation is a fit, active and disciplined one.

    Join the program today, get registered and start climbing the leaderboard.

    When you enter X-TRON Live Training League, you become part of a fast growing community that will support you to become a fitter, healthier more disciplined version of yourself.

    Throughout the training league you will get to see where you stand amongst the rest of the people within your age group on our live nationwide leaderboard. If you come within the top 15 in your age group, at the end of the competition you get a chance to put it all on the line at our live event where you can win prize money.

    We are also giving you free entry into our prize draw to win £600 of gym based goodies, free 12 week training programs, from beginner to advanced (this is basically what a paid coach would charge you for), free instructional videos to show you how the exercises are performed correctly and finally a welcome pack, that will include your unique X-TRON Live TRON tag, all of this for less than an a monthly gym pass!